Q. What is the basic/key material used for manufacturing of these straps?

A. Basically, they are manufactured with the use of Hi-Tenacity Industrial Polyester Filament Yarns and the same are coated with Special Polypropylene Films.

Q. Why these straps are so unique?

A. Primarily, in contrast to the traditional straps (PP/PET/STEEL), which are placed parallel, one above another during sealing, the Joint-Efficiency achieved is merely 0.60 to 0.70 times of their Linear Breaking Strength (LBS).

Whereas, in case of Polyester CordStrapping the Joint-Efficiency/System Breaking Strength (SBS), is at least 1.50 times the Linear Breaking Strength (LBS) of the Strap. And, this is achieved due to its Unique, Innovative & Patented Buckle System; because, if observed properly the straps are pulled in opposite direction to each other for locking, and hence the CordStrap Joint will never give up.

Q. Can these straps loosen up / release their applied tension during transit?

A. To secure goods during transportation it is important that the strap maintains its applied tension around the goods. Compared to polypropylene strapping, corded polyester strapping shows significantly less creep (Please refer to the adjacent drawing). And, all this is possible due to those special hi-tensile yarns that are finally treated with special AKZO Nobel chemicals, to achieve that 90% memory effect.

Q. What kind of Elastic Recovery or Shock Absorption, these straps have?

A. Adjacent graph clearly shows the fundamental & basic advantage of the corded polyester strapping compared to steel strap. The shaded areas indicate the amount of shock the respective straps will absorb before breaking.

Corded polyester strap can absorb considerably more shock than the equivalent size of steel strap without damaging the load, breaking or permanently stretching.

The key reason for this attribute is that, during the manufacturing process itself, the polyester yarns used are twisted in such a fashion that they achieve a kind of spring effect, which results in achieving 90% Shock Absorption capacity. And, these properties make corded polyester strapping ideal for application where the load is subject to shock during transport by road, rail & sea.

Q. What other performance benefits, these straps offer?

A. FEW of the direct/in-direct benefits these straps have to offer are as follows:-

v Strong as Steel

v Light – Easily Portable

v Soft

v Safe

v Does not damage goods

v Does not rust

v For one way use – Pilfer Proof

v Extreme Temperature Resistant (From -40 0 C to +100 0 C)

v Strong Chemical Resistant (Except for Concentrated H 2SO 4)

v U.V. Resistant

v Elongation – less than 06%

v Eco-Friendly

v Many other customised benefits, all of which are difficult to list here … …

Q. Can it be directly applied on products with finished/painted surface?

A. YES 100%; due to its soft & flexible nature, it can be directly applied on the finished goods.

Q. What is the minimum & maximum range available in these straps?

A. On the size basis; we have straps starting from 13MM upto 40MM – Ex-Stock.

And, on the strength side, we have straps starting from 300Kgs System Breaking Strength upto 18’000Kgs.

Q. What kind of tooling is required to use polyester corded strapping?

A. JUST, one perfectly designed machine/tool takes care of the tensioning, locking and cutting the strap, in less than a minute.

Q. Is it really easy to cut and dispose-off the corded polyester strap at the receiving end?

A. YES, it is really a child’s job to cut the strap, because unlike steel strap – it does not fly back – and being polyester, it’s really easy to dispose it off.

Q. Do these straps require any extra protection from sharp edges?

A. Virtually speaking these straps are good enough to take care of any kind of sharp edges; still in few cases, additional packing or corner protection may be offered subject to conditions.

Q. Do these straps meet International Quality Standards?

A. Being, manufactured with the patented technology at a single location in Europe; Only corded polyester strapping & lashing are certified, approved and recommended by Germanischer Llyod’s (GL) of Germany; American Association of rail Roads (AAR) and European Railway Regulations (R.I.V.)

Q. Still, what is so special about CordStrap?

A. CORDSTRAP – now an international + industrial name and in existence since 1965 – Introduced this unique variety of CC straps after around 5.0 years of dedicated R&D in the year 1990. And, having said that ‘CordStrap’ is the only brand under the SUN, to have taken up this subject of industrial-cargo/load-securing with such a wide + deep FOCUS … … .,

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